Net Zero - Alternate Energy Solutions

Leetex’s principal objective in Alternative Energy is to provide Renewable Energy Solutions with One Vision Under One Roof . According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE), 40% of primary energy consumed in the United States can be attributed to the building sector. Leetex has assembled a Performance Team that designs and builds high performance buildings that reduce and control energy use.

NET ZERO ENERGY – A high performance building can evolve into a Net Zero Energy Building with the addition of an on-site renewable energy source such as solar, wind or biomass. The critical factor is reducing the building’s energy consumption so that a renewable energy source can be affordable and located on-site.

HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDINGS - There are a number of design and construction strategies that can be used in a high performance building. Basic elements include - tight building envelope – walls, windows and roof ; energy efficient HVAC systems – geothermal; natural daylighting; energy efficient lighting; occupancy sensors; solar or geothermal domestic water heating; water conservation; gray water recycling; rainwater catchment. The final step in a high performance building is building operations. Occupancy sensors and control systems are important, but everyone in the building has to be dedicated to efficient operations to ensure building performance

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