About Us

Leetex Construction LLC, an Native American Small Business, specializes in managing entire construction projects from planning, conceptual design, environmental, construction, project completion through post construction assuring the project objectives which include the management of quality, cost, time and scope. Leetex has a proven track record of delivering within challenging environments.

With over 31-years as a prime general contractor, Leetex, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with branch offices across the country, has successfully delivered many complex projects built for both the Federal Government and private sector. Their knowledge and experience with Federal Government agencies and the uniqueness of each in design and construction methods and procedures allow Leetex to achieve a quality product, safely, on-time and within budget. As a result of this knowledge and experience, Leetex developed a unique reservoir of skills with which to successfully support their clients.

Leetex is dedicated to their clients and is grateful for the long-term relationships and the mutual loyalties they’ve forged with them over the years. We'll continue to do whatever is necessary to build on that foundation, remaining a trusted partner in every construction endeavor.

Leetex has a long standing tradition of excellence and commitment to quality. They succeed through the strength of their people who take great pride in the product they deliver.

Regardless of the scope and complexity of your particular project, Leetex has the experience and flexibility to tailor a working relationship and offer a project delivery method that will meet your needs.

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